About John

John S. Armstrong was born in Hopkins, Minnesota. Growing up in a split-level home with his maternal grandparents in the lower level, he has always had a strong connection to older adults.

In 2000, as John was assisting several senior clients, they thought that his natural abilities and passion for working with seniors was unique and worth pursuing as a separate business. So in July 2000, John started Errands and Things LLC.

Since 2002, he has moved increasingly into memory care work, helping families deal with the challenges of dementia and Alzheimers disease. John enjoys taking his clients out of their memory care facility or their homes to play golf, walk, visit parks, movies and lunch and dinner outings.

John has gained so much from getting to know his clients well over the years. He likes to joke that his former client Phil, 92, taught him how to play golf.

Errand and Things LLC is a proud member of both Minneapolis Area Senior Workers Association and Care Options Network.

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